Your Child May Pick Up Habit of Lying and Blame Games- What to do?

Your Child May Pick Up Habit of Lying and Blame Games- What to do?

Your little one has joined school and would get a chance to interact and bond with children of his age. It is the age of 5 when the child gets familiar with friendship and also its side effects, two of which are lying and blaming others.

What you need to know 
It is your responsibility as a mother to observe your kid’s activities and behaviour and mould him into a disciplined soul. It is most common for kids of this age to pick up bad habits such as blaming and telling a lie to cover up a wrong deed. You have a keep a strict watch on the child so that he doesn’t imbibe such ill habits into his lifestyle.

What you can do
You have to maintain healthy behaviour that involves truthfulness. Be honest towards your family and especially in front of your kid. You can read out stories to him that teach good morals about honesty. Ask the kid to not blame other people if they aren’t at fault. Be strict in your approach so that the child understands that this is a bad practice.




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