Your Child May Sometimes Be Unkind To Peers Due To Emotional Surges

At this stage, your little one needs your support to deal with her emotional surges tactfully and calmly. Emotional surges mostly sprout out of perpetual and persistent provocation from certain peer groups. If you ignore this, she might start internalizing the negative emotions leading to behavioral issues. Her anger or fearful emotions leave her clueless and confused, driving her further to be irritable to peers. Coach the little heart to be emotionally balanced.Your Child May Sometimes Be Unkind To Peers Due To Emotional Surges

What you can do

Closely observe your child’s emotions out of everyday happenings. Help her to verbalize why she is angry, enabling her to get a deeper understanding about the cause of the emotional outburst. Assist her in regulating and expressing her emotions in words would not just calm her, but also train her to gain an emotional balance. Avoid chastising instead probe the trigger factor by appropriately addressing the cause. Tell venting out frustration on her friends would further make her lonesome.

All she needs is solace and support which comforts her to handle it the better way. Kind and empathetic approach would help her open up. Help to validate her feelings by sharing and telling her that you too had gone through the same in your childhood. Empower her to handle emotions with ease, further enabling her bettering the rapport with people. Such children are less likely to behave belligerently. It’s essential to coach them lest it leaves them stranded and brings more emotional discomfiture.




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