Your Child May Still Face Some Difficulty Naming A Specific Number In The Hundreds

Your Child May Still Face Some Difficulty Naming A Specific Number In The Hundreds

At this stage the mathematical skills of your child is increasing at a steady pace. He becomes more confident in solving problems by applying different strategies. He is able to work with two and three digit numbers in many ways.
At this point, your child can read and write upto 999 in order. He does addition and subtraction of two digits and possibly of three digits also. He can also do multiplication and division. He may start using ruler to measure inches. He may be able to skip count to 100 by identifying pattern. i.e. skip counting by 2s, 4s and 5s. He will begin to solve word problems with ease. But sometimes he might still find it difficult to name a specific number in the hundreds, eg. What comes after 134?
What you can do
Help your child excel in maths by using it in his daily life. When you are out shopping with your child, ask him, "How much will his 5 toffees cost?" You could also ask him to total up the bill to check if it is correct or not. You could also make various card games by putting big and small numbers on them and ask which numbers comes next or what he will get if he adds, subtracts them. Another excellent way to improve his maths skills is to set him up with online maths games on computer. Always keep track of his homework. Last but not the least; never tell in front of him “I hate maths” or “I don’t like maths” because that will create a negative impact on his mind.
Parents usually encourage their children to improve their writing, verbal and probably art skills but leave the mathematical skills to be acquired at school. Only with constant encouragement, support and practice will their maths skill improve.




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