Your Child May Struggle Often Now- Empowerment is Essential

It’s really hard if you see your child struggling with small tasks like colouring, drawing, writing, tying shoelaces, etc. For sure you will not wish your child to be among one of those who face this struggle. But this is the stage where he is likely to face difficulty while accomplishing tasks, which may even be easy.

What you need to do
One of the easier methods to improve fine motor skills is to start playing with your child on regular basis by engaging him in activities that let him refine these skills. You can help him by engaging him in activities like painting, puzzle solving, etc.Your Child May Struggle Often Now- Empowerment is Essential

Things like holding a thin paintbrush or picking up a small puzzle piece will definitely improve the fine motor skills. Also encourage him to indulge in similar activities in school. Consult your paediatrician for more ideas in this aspect. Let your child expand his horizons and explore the world around him with improved physical skills.




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