Your Child May Struggle With Remembering Things At This Point

Your 7+ year old has a lot on their mind now – learning new things, remembering them and recalling them when needed. The process of memory is very complex and your child is in the stage of creating his or her own approach to memorizing what they need to know. Hence the more opportunity you provide your child to improve their memory, the better they can handle the burden of academics and information they gather from other sources.

What you need to do
To boost your child’s memory, ask them frequent questions after they attend school, any shows, events, games etc so they go back down memory lane and try to answer you. They might not answer them in the beginning, or might give incomplete answers.Your Child May Struggle With Remembering Things At This Point

Make them repeat the answers using a different way of questioning. This will make them realize that memory is an active process and it will help them to remember easily. This is the age prospective memory – remembering to perform a planned action or intention at some future point in time – starts developing in kids as they make use of external reminders.




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