Your Child May Suffer From Sleep Battles At This Point

Your bundle of joy has a day packed with school work and after school activities. He/she has a tiring schedule, and getting sufficient rest will have a huge impact on his behaviour and performance at school. So it is very crucial for him at this age to get ten to 12 hours of sleep at night.

What you need to know

If your child resists bedtime, ask him what the problem is. There can be reasons such as – he is not tired, he may be afraid of the dark, he may be facing some anxiety at school, or he/she might be experiencing increased physical activity.Your Child May Suffer From Sleep Battles At This Point

As a parent the best way you can handle sleep battles is to set up a strict bedtime ritual. Time to unwind is crucial. After dinner, both of you can go for a stroll with your child, or read some of his favourite bedtime story books out loud. A chat or talk with your child or listening to calming music before he retires to bed also helps. Curb TV watching and computer activity an hour before bedtime. Whatever be the strategy you adopt, be consistent and firm and make your way to the ultimate goal of your child sleeping on time and having sufficient rest to face the next day’s routine and its challenges.




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