Your Child May Talk Back A Lot Now

At this stage, your child's individuality instincts kick in and he quite often raises his voice to register his opinion. One of the biggest challenges in disciplining that you might be facing right now is that your child is talking back. This is because your child is now developing an identity and is becoming more assertive. Your child wants to be treated as an individual and wants their views to be respected as well.Your Child May Talk Back A Lot Now

What you need to know 
Having opinions and sticking to them is not bad for your child but there are certain boundaries that you need to set as parents. It is fine if your child is assertive on what to wear, eat and so on to an extent, but the minute your child starts getting grouchy and aggressive, firm action needs to be taken. As parents you will have to effectively teach your kids how to express their views in a respectful manner.

Your child is smart enough to know how to push your buttons and if you give in to even one of their demands placed in a disrespectful manner, you will set an example. Your child will feel that it is perfectly all right to demand in a rude tone. Instead, you need to remind your child calmly that you are the boss and disrespect is not allowed. Any demand put in disrespectfully should not be met.

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