Your Child May Worry Too Much About Being Liked

Your Child May Worry Too Much About Being Liked

By the time your child reaches this age, the desire to be liked and accepted by friends is immense in her. To this end your child is willing to adjust, adapt and co-operate.

What you need to know

Children this age make strong bonds with other children their age and they will start using the term ‘best friend’ more often. Children at this age also start to play board games and are able to follow most of the rules, although they would also like to adapt or add their own rules to the game. Winning is really important for children this age and they will make a huge fuss on losing.

Most children this age are not shy to approach another child their age and ask to be friends. However, you will notice that your child is more drawn towards children of the same gender and rarely has friends of the opposite gender. It is very normal for children of this age to relate to other children of their gender only.
Your child’s willingness to adapt at home has also increased and they are willing to adjust as per the situation demands. Children might just be adapting to get approval from family members because being liked and loved is paramount at this age.

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