Your Child Might Be Older Now But He Still Adores The Language Of Love From You

Your child is growing rapidly and stepping more close to the world of adulthood, but still he loves your presence and shower of love more than anything. There is a beautiful saying that states “too much love never spoils a child. Children become spoiled when we substitute 'presents' for 'presence’”. Love is the nucleus of any relationship, and when it comes to bonding with your children, there is perhaps nothing more important than love.Your Child Might Be Older Now But He Still Adores The Language Of Love From You

What you need to know 
Love is the only language that kids understand. And, when a child enters his 5th year, a whole new world opens in front of him. It is this parental love, support and care that shield the child from all the ills of the environment. Many parents make this mistake of not showing your child how much they love and care. Discipline and routine take over, and all the child ends up getting is loads of commands, a set of rules and very few words of love. But, as matter of fact, nothing is more important than showing the child how much you love and care about him.

Importance of showing that you care
The essence of this relationship rests on love and giving your child love in abundance. Remember, the more you stop showing your love and affection, the faster he will start moving away from you. So make sure that you never stop showing your child your love. Never wait for a chance to say 'I love you'. Like adults these three words have a magical effect on kids also. The parent and child relationship is nurtured with love. So the more love you shower, the better this beautiful relationship blooms.

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