Your Child Might Independently Go To The Toilet

By now, your child has started visiting the toilet often all by himself and would maintain a daytime and a night routine too. He would have been fully independent except he may need help to clean himself and manage clothing fasteners.                                                             Your Child Might Independently Go To The Toilet

What you need to know:   

At this point, you would have noticed that your child has better sensory processing and concept understanding. Your sweetheart would be aware of the need to go to the toilet, body awareness and tactile discrimination. He would be able to sit alone in the loo without any assistance and will not fall off. He also would be able to undress and dress up when the need arises.                                                                                           

Your kid would be on the positive side of understanding concept and communication. He will be able to say, ''I need to go the toilet" especially in school. However, refrain from being impatient if your child is lacking in this, he will learn at his own pace.                                                                       

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