Your Child Must Indulge In Open Communication More

Your child is at a stage where he is in dire need of healthy relationships all around, and to attain the same, he needs to indulge in open communication more. Open and frank communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Be it a child or an adult, as long as you speak and listen to each other clearly, mutual understanding between both parties is assured. As a matter of fact, even with a five year old child, communication definitely is essential for a healthy and open relationship.

What you need to know
For a child who has just found the outside world much more exciting and fascinating, lack of communication at home can actually spell disaster. A child is naïve in his own ways. The effect is both positive and negative. Whatever he is exposed to in the outside world can be only gauged with a clear one to one communication with the child. (For eg: How was your day today? Did you make a new friend? You liked him? ) These constant communications will keep you abreast of what your child is doing and how he is going about with his daily chores.Your Child Must Indulge In Open Communication More

What you need to do 
It is also important for the child to have open communication with his parents. This allows him to discuss openly if there is something that he is not liking or not able to adjust to. As a parent try to be a good listener. This is the only way your child will open up in front of you. Do not reprimand your child, that does no good, and the communication with the child gets hampered. So, communication is key. Talk to your child as much as possible with patience and care. Show interest in his life with belief. Have a peaceful and encouraging talk that will make the child feel more secure.




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