Your Child Must Not Skip His Meals At This Point

Your Child Must Not Skip His Meals At This Point
Eating Habit

Your child currently is often prone to mood swings. This is a common problem which might hamper a lot of other things such as the child’s diet. A nutritious diet is very important for growing children in order to develop a strong and immune body.

Instill Healthy Eating Habits

It is your responsibility as a mother to make sure that the kid doesn’t skip any of his meals. Offer cereals and milk in the morning. This habit must be ingrained in the kid. Lunch time should comprise of green vegetables and fruits. The taste buds of a 4 year-old have already advanced so make sure the food you cook is not ‘boring’ according to the child. Offer his favourite food item occasionally so that he stays happy.


In-between meal snacks can be offered to the kid but make sure they aren’t fried or roasted. If the kid is not willing to eat then lure him with his favourite dessert but this shouldn’t be practiced always. Ask the child to indulge in physical activities such as sports. This would help to increase his hunger.

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