Your Child Must Now Implement Effective Table Manners

Your Child Must Now Implement Effective Table Manners

Your child at this stage goes to school and alongside manners related to dealing with others, he should also know main table manners for dining. Teaching table manners to your first grade schooler is an important aspect of ensuring that meal times are enjoyable. Look for ways to make the table a pleasant place where all are happy to be.

What you need to know 
Your child should wash his hands before he comes to the table. No distractions like toys, books, gadgets should accompany him to the table. Once seated, let your child place the napkin in his lap. No shoveling of food or chewing with mouth open, and no complaining about what is being served. Teach him how to use a knife and fork to cut his food. Let him know which cutlery he should use for which item.

The family meal time can be a wonderful opportunity where you can chat about each other’s day. Ideally you would want your child to sit until everyone has finished eating. But your child may want to leave once done with his food. Let him ask to be excused if he wants to leave. He can then take his dishes to the kitchen counter. Learning table manners at home will also ensure he replicates the same behaviour in the restaurant or at a friend’s party. Teach table manners early on, and through consistent gentle reminders, he will display the desired behaviour at meal times.




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