Your Child Needs A Boost To Increase His Self Esteem

Your Child Needs A Boost To Increase His Self Esteem

Your child's confidence is growing with each passing day but his self esteem needs a string foundation that will be great for him in the long run. Increasing your child’s self esteem is something that will probably pop up throughout your parenting years. While you might always ponder how to go about it, there will be occasions when you will see your child touching rock bottom with his self esteem for various reasons.

What you need to know
Well, for a five year old, the concept of self esteem is still unknown. He doesn't really understand what it is to have high or low self esteem. But, as a parent you know it’s important. Right from an early age a kid must have high self esteem so that he grows up to be a confident adult. For a five year old child, the best way to increase his self esteem is by making him believe in his capabilities.

Doing things independently
Psychologists believe that when a child is able to do something on his own or is confident about his capabilities, it raises his self esteem manifold. (For eg. I know I can do this. OR I am sure I have the skills to complete this puzzle.) So, as a parent you must ensure that you help your child in whatever he wants to achieve. Be his support more when he doesn't do well or is bullied by others, because that is the time a child starts losing his confidence and thereby his self esteem. Give him the confidence that with hard work he is capable of achieving everything. In this way, a child will always have substantial self esteem that will take him a long way in the journey of life.




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