Your Child Needs A Logical Reasoning Brush Up

Your child at this stage would often insist that a pile of blocks would have more quantity than a flat train of blocks, even if an adult counts it for them. After all, a child as young as 3 years old would use observation skills for such a measurement. But it is the time when you can start nurturing and developing their logical reasoning skills.

What you need to know 
So, how do you help? Well, you start them by teaching them how to avoid judging by appearances. For instance, lay a train of blocks and a pile of blocks. Now, ask them to lay a train from the pile of blocks and a pile from the train. Then let them deduce how the number is the same.Your Child Needs A Logical Reasoning Brush Up

At the same time, teach them about numbers. This will help them develop logical reasoning about numbers, sizes and shapes. What you can do is to adopt different learning styles and play educational games. Offer them thinking challenges, such as teaching them about quantities or using grocery items to teach them about different things. You can even stimulate their thinking by asking questions such as ‘What will happen next,’ when they are adding flour to sugar.

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