Your Child Needs A Stronger Self Esteem Now

Your Child Needs A Stronger Self Esteem Now
Sensory ability

Your first grader is exposed to the school environment for a longer time than he was as a preschooler. Adjusting to the class routine, interacting with peers, being accepted by his friends, getting motivation from teachers, doing neat classwork are all challenges and learning for your child.

What you need to know

However, at this age he starts comparing himself with his friends and classmates. If he has not performed well compared to his peers, it can affect his self esteem. Or the fear of losing a game can put a dent in his self esteem. For instance, if your child is nervous and feels low about an upcoming football match, boost his self esteem, by mentioning that it’s a wonderful opportunity to participate and give his best. He should not worry about the results. If your child has done well, share his achievements in front of family members. Let him know you are all proud of his achievements.

There may be times when he is feeling low and wants to share the problem with you. Give him you’re your attention. This can do wonders for his self-worth as it sends the message that you think him to be important and valuable. Another way to improve his self esteem is by trying out new things. For instance, he has enrolled in a new game -- basket ball. He is trying hard to put the ball in the basket, but no success. He is frustrated. As a parent, be there for him, a few words of encouragement and guidance from the coach will get him to reach his goal. Your child will benefit the most when you accept him for who he is irrespective of his strengths, abilities, difficulties, etc.