Your Child Needs A Stronger Self Esteem Now For Better Emotional Development

At this stage, building self-esteem in your child is very necessary as this boosts their confidence and helps the child to develop pride and self-respect in themselves, as well as in what they do. Your child is slowly facing life’s challenges now and they will get to know their abilities through the challenges they face at this age, and learn how to go beyond them to gain success.

What you need to know
Let your kid experience new situations, make new friends, play challenging games. These help to enhance their confidence. Let them make mistakes (not with harmful result though) and learn from them. When you have set rules for their discipline in studying, playing, household chores, make sure they follow them, and applaud their efforts on completion. This will build their self-esteem as well as make them follow the discipline set by you.Your Child Needs A Stronger Self Esteem Now For Better Emotional Development

And if you made a slip-up, acknowledge it and apologize – this teaches your child, who still looks up to you for guidance, to accept their own mistakes and get over them. Do note that acknowledging the good aspects in your child and encouraging them is more important and goes a long way in them trying out new challenges than just praising. Praising is making them look good, encouragement makes them feel proud of their effort in doing something.

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