Your Child Needs Firm Discipline At This Point

Your Child Needs Firm Discipline At This Point
Self Regulation

Your child has multiple influences on him at this stage, from family, friend, classmates, as well as teachers. You want your child to be well behaved, be it at home, school or in the playground. But if your child misbehaves or throws a tantrum, ignoring the behaviour will make things worse later.

What you need to know
For instance, if your child does not like the food he is eating and starts playing with the food, give him a firm and stern warning. This behaviour is not acceptable. If he repeats it, tell him to leave the table right away and give him a time out. Here it becomes important to establish firm household rules and be consistent in implementing them.
There are times when the tantrum is so bad that it tests your patience as a parent. Instead of disciplining your child which will be a learning experience for him, you might spank him which is a form of punishment, not discipline and can lead to negative feelings in your child. Spanking can cause long term negative effects on the child such as low self-esteem, the belief that hitting is okay, viewing parents to be mean and the enemy, becoming aggressive and displaying the same behaviour with his peers, and fearing parents instead of respecting and loving them. You want your child to share, communicate and love you rather than fear you. Using the right form of discipline is important. Spanking is not the solution.

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