Your Child Needs More Of Home Cooked Snacks Now- Find Out Why!

Your Child Needs More Of Home Cooked Snacks Now- Find Out Why!
3y to 4y
Sensory ability

Your child is growing up and his taste buds are also developing in the process. As a preschoooler, he is prone to eat a variety of food items from fellow students. Oily and processed food items are very attractive and little kids may fall prey to its taste. But home made snacks are anytime a better snacking option for your kid than packaged food. You as a mother need to take care of the kid’s diet and eating habits. 

What you need to know

It is very important for parents to make sure that they prepare similar dishes at home using healthy food items. You can prepare snacks from raw vegetables and fruits which would surely please the kid. Items such as fruit stick lollipop, roasted vegetables, sandwiches etc can be prepared at home. Sweet corn is another item which is healthy and loved by little kids. You can prepare green vegetable sandwich along with ketchup and mayonnaise to offer a delicious taste.

There are numerous dishes, which can be experimented in the kitchen to suit the taste requirement of your kid. You can offer these snacks for evening bites, which would be savored by your little one happily.