Your Child Needs Persistence To Strive

Your child at this stage faces challenges in school, on the playground, at home or during any after school activity. It may happen that he gets frustrated when the going gets tough. It’s very important to lay the foundation of persistence early so that your child doesn't give up and keeps going. Your Child Needs Persistence To Strive

What you need to know

Any goal that seems challenging can get him to either lose interest or give up. In such cases, it’s important to break down the goal to make it appear more manageable. For instance, your child has to prepare for his forthcoming exam. He is finding it difficult with so many chapters to be covered. He is worried and says, "I don't think I will do well in the exams".

Guide him towards breaking down the task subject wise and topic wise. Get the syllabus and exam sheet printed out and paste them on the wall in front of the desk. Subject wise list down the topics allocating days for the same. Involve your child in planning the preparation. Get his inputs like which subject he would like to start with, which topics require more study etc.

What you need to do

As your kid covers each topic, let him tick it off, which will give him a sense of accomplishment. This feat will help him gain confidence and he will maintain the principle of not giving up in other areas too. If your child is frustrated by his mistakes just remind him of his past triumphs. The real secret to success is to try, try and try again and not get frustrated.




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