Your Child Needs Polished Social Skills For A Strengthened Confidence

At this stage, The more your child gets to interact with people the more will be the self-confidence in the child. Humans are social animals and stay in a society. Social skills are probably the most important skill and can also decide the professional success of a person. Social skills are our behaviours that make others feel comfortable with us and help us make friends. People who have inadequate social skills are often friendless, lonely and depressed. So as parents to let your child have a happy and fulfilling life it is important to teach them right social skills. Your Child Needs Polished Social Skills For A Strengthened Confidence

What you can do
To make it possible for your child to make friends, it is important to teach some basic social skills. Making eye contact, having good manners, waiting for their turn are some important social skills that must be taught to your child. Having social skills makes the child more confident because they feel assured that they know how to act and behave in a social setting. This reduces the anxiety levels in the child.

Social expectations from a 5 year old
The social skills that are expected from a 5 year old are completely different from what is expected of a teenager. At this age your child is only expected to greet, respond when spoken to, be a good listener, wait for their turn, be patient, maintain eye contact and use the magic words like please, thank you etc. These simple skills will take your child a long way in making friends and building confidence.

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