Your Child Needs Positive Communication At This Time

Your Child Needs Positive Communication At This Time
Verbal language

At this age, your child’s language is developing rapidly and so now you will begin to understand how your child sees the world. With a wider vocabulary, your child will really be able to communicate with you and this is a very exciting development.

What you need to know

While sometimes your child’s sentences may be jumbled, they will be keen to talk to you if they feel that they are making themselves understood. Be positive in your communications with your child and try to offer simple explanations as you guide your child’s behavior rather than using negative statements such as 'no', 'don't' or ’stop'.

A 2.5+ year-old can understand a lot more than they can articulate. They will attempt to use over 100 words, but as your child cannot produce all the sounds needed to pronounce words, many of them will be unclear. Whereas a 3-year-old can follow multi-step instructions, can be understood by strangers most of the time when he talks, and asks many questions in order to understand his world. They will enjoy imaginative play and often have a running commentary as they play different games. They will enjoy listening to different stories from you in order to understand the unfamiliar words, and when you tell a story next time they will repeat those words clearly to improve their vocabulary.