Your Child Needs Practising of Healthy Hygiene Habits

Your Child Needs Practising of Healthy Hygiene Habits

Now that your child spends a good amount of time outside the house, busy with academics and other activities, you have to ensure he is healthy to perform well. For this instilling good health and hygiene habits is very crucial.

What you need to know 
Your first grader now spends much of his time in close contact with his peers in the classroom sharing everything from desks and chairs to germs. The most important health and hygiene habit will be to teach him to wash his hands after coming home from school or outdoor play and before eating.

At this age you need to remind him from time to time to keep his hands clean. If he resists, make him understand that one of the best ways to be healthy and not miss out on his favourite sports will be to keep his hands clean and free of germs otherwise he may fall sick.

Another healthy habit will be to teach him to cover his mouth when he sneezes or coughs. Let him always have a handkerchief handy. Also by this time, your child can shower on his own. However, when it comes to shampooing and rinsing, your supervision is needed till he gets the hang of it. It may happen that your child and the busy schedule may not cooperate, but inculcating healthy and hygiene habits earlier will sensitize him about its importance for a healthy life as he grows older

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