Your Child Needs Social and Emotional Stability Now

Your Child Needs Social and Emotional Stability Now
Group Participation

Now is the age when your child wants to bond with other children of his age. Through sharing and understanding they want to develop friendship in its real sense. At the same time, they want to be independent, have their own way of winning while playing games with peers; they can also be rude and rigid to them. As a consequence, friendships can be either easily established or terminated.

What you need to know
The ideal way to get your child to transition smoothly both socially and emotionally will be to set predictable routines and get your child to participate in group games. Arrange for play dates and let them be part of group games. For instance, in a group game give them the task of building the tallest and strongest structure using blocks. The children can be split into two groups. Motivate each group to work on making the strongest structure. This way sharing and cooperation skills are inculcated in your child.

When one group loses, the children will experience an emotional feeling. They will seek emotional support from you. Educate them by explaining that winning and losing is part of the game. Participation and having fun is more important. This way in future your child will be able to handle rejections in a better way. This is also an opportunity where he understands not only his but also others’ feelings. Emotions like excitement, frustration, and happiness will be recognized by your child and they will understand the reason why their peers are feeling so. Listening to your child whenever he has a challenging situation to face and giving him all the love and support builds his sense of security gradually.

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