Your Child Needs Some Rules & Regulations Now

Your Child Needs Some Rules & Regulations Now
Verbal language
Self Regulation

Your child at this stage might dislike rules initially but will come to terms with it if reinforced over a period of time. Rules and regulations form an integral part of behavior management in children. Although there are different styles of parenting some of which result in typecasting parents, especially mothers as a ‘tiger mom’ or helicopter parent, setting boundaries constitute a major parenting responsibility. Also research has proven that children like to operate within set limits as they feel safe and secure.

What you need to do

Have basic rules well defined but sub-rules subject to change based on situation and location. Specify your response in case of non-adherence to rules and stick to them. Make your little one understand that rules are imposed to bring in discipline and not to punish him or her.

Also, clearly state that you may like or dislike the action but will always love the person, i.e. your child. When you have your child’s friends at home, extend the rule to all but let the consequences of non-adherence be borne only by your child.

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