Your Child Needs Some Speciality In His Study Space

Your Child Needs Some Speciality In His Study Space

At this point, your child needs a small cosy place that’s very special and inviting for him. Workspace plays an important role in forming good homework habits for your child.

What you need to do

Keep it simple, need based and do not clutter it with stuff. The more the stuff, the more the need for maintenance and constant reminders from you to keep the workspace clean.

Give your kid ownership of the space and allow him to choose the colour of his pencil stand, the table clock etc. Teach him that this is his place of work and he is responsible for keeping it neat and clean. All stationery items like papers, pens, markers etc can be kept in the drawers of the table or bins. Let him label the items and teach him to keep things in their respective place to avoid hunting for them later.

Allow your child to use his creativity and imagination in setting up his work area. The aim is to get your child to spend good quality time at his workspace, thereby honing his homework habits.