Your Child Needs to Build A Competitive Spirit in School

Your Child Needs to Build A Competitive Spirit in School
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Your child has transformed into a sensible human being from the stage of being an infant. You can now see your little one perform activities which is a positive sign. He has started with school and would be participating in different activities. However, do you think your child is confident enough to compete? It is your responsibility as a mother to develop in him a sense of enthusiasm and the courage to face people.

What you need to know
It would require practice and some demonstrations that’ll help your child grow as a confident person. Ask the kid to recite a small poem or a story in front of the family.
If he is shy, then boost his confidence by clapping and cheering his name. If he crosses this stage then it is a good indication. Spend more time with the child. It is very important as some kids are too shy to express what they feel. Parents must interact with their children so that they can speak what they feel. Encourage the child to either dance or sing. Such hobbies work as a confidence booster for kids.

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