Your Child Needs To Enjoy School To Embrace Success

Your kid is now adapted to school routines – preparing to go to school, attending classes and co-curricular activities, doing homework, etc. But they have to enjoy doing these to make them successful. You as a parent play a vital role in taking the necessary steps towards it.

What you need to know
Poor academics in children of this age group is linked to the environment at home. Lack of sleep, nutrition, lack of parental support, non-peaceful atmosphere makes them concerned, thus losing interest in school and not performing well. So enforce healthy habits at home. Your Child Needs To Enjoy School To Embrace Success

Create a routine for them to have enough sleep, encourage them to have healthy food, limit their activities with TV/video games etc. Involve them in setting their routines – snack time, play time, study time and sleeping time. Give emphasis to every day routines for these tasks as kids this age respond well to routines. Help them to keep their things organized after returning from school so that they would find it easily and not worry during the busy morning rush hour. Give them a desk or place to store their things.

What you need to do

Pay attention to what they have studied at school each day and let them talk about it. This helps to reveal if they are facing any issues with the understanding of the subject as well as any other issues faced in school with their peers, teachers etc. Think of creative ways to make them understand difficult things. Show interest in what they want to express and meet with the teachers to learn their behaviour at school and if they need any support from your end to better the child’s studies. You need to let your kid know the expectation you have from them and provide an appropriate setting at home for the same. The kid also will be eager to work towards meeting your expectations and can strive towards becoming a better and successful student.

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