Your Child Needs To Feel Safe In The Unsafe World Now

Your Child Needs To Feel Safe In The Unsafe World Now

Your kiddo is at that stage of development when every little thing can bother and frighten him. The concept of uncertainty is new to your child and this can get him scared. Your otherwise daredevil child is suddenly getting very cautious because children at this age calculate every action to make sure that they do not get hurt. 

What you need to know

With television and newspapers talking about violence and tragedies happening every day in some part of the world or other, it is difficult to shield your children from all the information. Unlike little kids who do not understand or comprehend violence, your 5 year old child is able to understand the effect. Your child has started looking at the world as an independent person, separate from the parents. At this critical stage, realising that the world is unsafe can leave the child scared.

What you can do
If your child hears about an aeroplane crash or a bomb attack, it is very natural for the child to feel scared. Boarding a plane or going to a new place can put your child in a panic attack. If your child looks at some violent pictures in the newspaper of television, it can even lead to nightmares.

Your child is still at a very tender age and as parents it is your responsibility to guard your child from such information. You will need to reassure your children that the world is a safe place and you are always there to keep them safe.

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