Your Child Needs To Move From A Fantasy To A Logical World

Your Child Needs To Move From A Fantasy To A Logical World

This is a time when your child enters a new phase of his life; he starts going to school and you notice numerous changes. But don’t worry -- every change will make the child a better individual with your consistent support.

What you need to know 
You will see your child enter the world of story time, sharing, hands-on activities and much more. Reading, learning and writing are things they learn during this period of time. It is your duty as a parent to help and encourage him in these activities at home too.

So you can cognitively develop him by making him learn with help of playful activities. For a start let him read comic books or any book that interests him. Make sure that you get one with pictures as he will be attracted towards this. You can help him in writing skills also by telling him to write about himself or your family. Once he develops interest in these, he will gradually develop them fully.

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