Your Child Needs To Speak Out Loud And Hone His Language Skills

Often by this time period, your child will have inculcated good communication skills. But the need is to cultivate them in a way that he develops even better speech and development skills.

What you need to know
Have you noticed that while studying, your child now feels the need to repeat everything at frequent intervals? This is an indicator that the child is developing his language and speech skills. You can support your child by helping him in one or the other way. For example, sit with him and make him read frequently. This will help him to improve language skills and also increase vocabulary at the same time.

Your Child Needs To Speak Out Loud And Hone His Language Skills

Apart from this you may notice your child making use of odd types of speech and language in different social situations. Do not get irritated; rather listen to him and try polishing his skills. Also since now your child is mature enough to understand your tone of speech and language, try to converse with him at frequent intervals. This will improve his overall speech and language skills.




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