Your Child Needs To Understand Hygiene Values Better Now

Your Child Needs To Understand Hygiene Values Better Now
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At this stage, your child is learning a lot through his text books. While his books do tell him a lot about hygiene, it is only through real practice that he can understand the concept of hygiene values well and implement them in his life. .

What you need to know

Considering that school age kids are constantly in contact with each other, it is important that you help your kids be healthier by being hygienic. As a parent you have to stop germ sharing between children. Now, some kids are actually hygiene lovers and they love to wash hands or their hair, but there are others who waste their time playing in the bathroom while the shower is running. But you can still practice different strategies for instilling proper hygiene.

What you can do

For starters, give your kid different choices when it comes to buying items. For instance, you can give them a choice between shampoos and soaps or toothpastes and brushes. Once they are invested in it, they would love doing it! Show and tell them how to keep themselves clean, for instance how to shower or wash their hair or point out how to floss and other things. Create a specific routine, from showering to brushing their teeth at night, which will make everything a lot easier.