Your Child Needs To Understand Logical Reasoning More To Get Disciplined Better

By now your child's thinking and reasoning skills have improved definitely, but his discipline can still dwindle at times. Have you ever wondered how come there are parents who are able to make their child listen to and obey every instruction that they give their child? While on the other hand you keep on struggling throughout the day to make your child just put away their toys neatly. There are certain things that these sets of parents must be doing right which is able to make them discipline their children better.

What you need to know
Children have an inherent desire to please their parents and they are well aware that when they listen and obey instructions their parents are happy. They are just not sure at times what is expected of them and it is better to make your expectations from them clear to them at a very young age.
Studies have shown that if you make your child aware of your expectations from a young age in clear terms then they start to internalise these expectations. With time children will start having the same expectations from themselves.

What you can do
When you want your child to follow some instructions on a regular basis like hanging up their coat, putting away their toys etc, try to give logical reasons as to why it is important to do so and how it will make life easier for both of you. Give practical reasons that the child can relate to instead of scaring the child with some imaginative story.Your Child Needs To Understand Logical Reasoning More To Get Disciplined Better

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