Your Child Needs You As A Guide More Than A Supervisor

Your Child Needs You As A Guide More Than A Supervisor

Your 8 year old is fond of routine. She has a good sense about time and feels proud about herself in knowing the flow of events be it at home or school. The wake up routine till leaving for school in the morning, the class routine, after school routine and bed time schedule is by now very familiar to her. Now parenting is more about guidance and reminders at times than close supervision. So, try to be your child’s guide than a supervisor.

What you need to do
Guide your child in a positive way. If she is breaking a rule, help her identify and understand the consequence of not following rules. For instance, she wants to play with her friend first and then do her project. Rather than demanding her to do the project first, make her understand after playing she will be tired and it will get late for her to complete the project given. This will give her a better understanding of prioritizing work.

Also your child is developing strong reasoning and thinking skills. She wants to be right, has her own self respect and wants to be seen and heard in a group. Criticism, reprimanding and negative judgment is not taken well by her. This makes it even more important to provide positive reinforcement and support when she displays the appropriate behaviour.

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