Your Child Needs You To Balance Out His Independence

Your Child Needs You To Balance Out His Independence

At this age, your little one could be trying to be independent in his day-today activities. While it may be easy for you to allow him in some situations but it could get difficult to say a firm “no” in others for you do not want to break your munchkin's heart. You can try some Situational Parenting in these cases. 

What you need to know 

Kids this age develop strong opinions and tastes influenced by their environment. As a parent, you can neither permit all such behavior nor dismiss them as temper tantrums. The situation should define your approach in these circumstances. Take this situation for example: When your child sees you bathing him and dressing him up everyday and wants to do it all by himself but you are in a hurry to send the child off to school and do not want to miss the school bus. In this sitation, tell your kid that it’s not possible to complete all tasks by himself on time on a busy weekday. Assure the little one that Sunday will be funday he kid can bathe and experiment with styles and then keep your promise! 

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