Your Child Needs Your Company During His Co-Curriculars

You have been your child’s shadow for all these years. But now when he is over 5 years old it is important for him to be indulged more in family bonding time. This is exactly why you need to accompany him during his spree of co-curricular activities. 

What you need to know 
Your child would socialize with more people as he has started his schooling but don’t let him forget about what bond he shares with you. Time is the most important factor as children at this age seek quality moments with their parents which helps to maintain a good connection.

Father-child bonding
The father too can spend time with the little one every evening by indulging in any sports activity. Take your child to the playground and play with him. Teach him a particular sport and have a fun time each day so that he can build a stronger bond. Utilise this moment so that you can run, smile and laugh to make the little one happy. You can also take the kid for his favourite ride to the amusement park on the weekend. Family bonding comes when there is an equal sharing of thoughts.

Your Child Needs Your Company During His Co-Curriculars

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