Your Child Now Begins To Draw Pictures Of Objects

Your Child Now Begins To Draw Pictures Of Objects
Fine Motor

Your kid is now 3-years old, and has developed better motor skills to control hand and wrist movements. Thus, he now tries to draw different objects and color them. Your kid recognizes the objects in this age and scribbles them down on a piece of paper in the form of drawings. At this age, your honey is attracted most to colors as he can differentiate the colors and enjoy a colorful life.

What you need to know

This is the best phase of life as the kids live in their own world. They try to explore their creative skills to the fullest. Creativity is all about putting your uniqueness into actions. Thus, while they are drawing, be a supportive tool and not the creative head to your kid. Provide him with all the raw materials required rather than giving suggestions. Creativity brings out a sense of independence and allows your kid to be more sensible and self reliant. Admire your kiddo’s piece of art and always encourage him to further nurture his skills and hone his fine art.

There will be times when he will need your support, stand by him and let him know that you are always there. Prefer not to criticize his work even if it is not good, help the little one by asking a set of questions which will allow him to think and help him to enhance his work. This is the age when he will absorb and learn most of the things. Create a surrounding where your little one converts into a beautiful thoughtful blooming flower.