Your Child Now Eagerly Listens To Stories And Wants To Hear His Favorite Ones Repeated

At this age your baby is playing, exploring and at the same time learning something new everyday. Story time is the favorite hour of the day. It is the time of listening to events other than the normal happenings of the day. Your baby likes to listen to stories and wants you to repeat his favorite ones.

What you need to know

Listening also develops your little one’s communication skills. Read more new stories to him. Get books to narrate it to your little one. Show colorful pictures in the stories which will be very interesting to him. This improves your child’s thinking, talking and imaginative ability. This also develops your child’s literacy development. Make your child hold the book, turn pages, slide his hand under each word so that he can understand that we read from left to right. This will adds on to his vocabulary. Repeating his favorite stories, it will make him remember it better. Morals associated with the stories help him learn values.

Your Child Now Eagerly Listens To Stories And Wants To Hear His Favorite Ones Repeated

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