Your Child Now Gets The Exposure To New Forms Of Learning

Your Child Now Gets The Exposure To New Forms Of Learning
Working memory

This is the phase when your child enters the environment of school with exposure to different kinds of learning methods. The cognitive development phase involves equal participation from both school and home areas. It’s the teacher and parents whose support the child looks for, in order to step into the new phase of learning.

What you need to know 

You will notice the changes like framing sentences on their own, writing their own stories, etc. Don’t get surprised, they notice things in different environments and pen it down in their own words. Since the child is still learning and curious about solving things, you can help by giving him puzzles like alphabetic or numeric ones to enhance their vocabulary and concentration.

Furthermore at this time of the cognitive phase, you need to tell your child the difference between real and imaginary. This will help him develop a better understanding of things. You will see that with time, your child will start doing all his chores himself, and you will be more than happy to see this.

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