Your Child Now Has New Tastes and Food Habits

Your Child Now Has New Tastes and Food Habits
Eating Habit

With your baby's growing needs, now his tastes and food habits too are changing. Feeding your baby is one of the most important aspects of your child’s growth. When it does not work as you expect or is a stressful event, it can be of great concern.

What you need to know
You must have lot of patience to feed your child. Your child will have the tendency to make you run after them with the food as they play, coaxing and cajoling them to eat. They will not want to sit at the table, but will be restless and overactive.

At this age they will grasp how you eat in a plate. Your child will like to eat with the spoon. Teach your child how to hold the spoon and eat. At three they will ask for food to eat by their own, without your help. Your child will slowly start washing their hands after their food and they will be curious to wipe their hands and mouth on their own. Eating regularly, trying out new food tastes or textures, and expressing satisfaction at the end of eating are considered good eating habits by the family and also by society.

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