Your Child Now Has Some Close Friends & Likes To Play With Them Most Of The Time

At this stage, your child has moved from playing individually to the groups. Now, he is budding relationships with others. He is developing the sense of pride, humor, rules, loyalty, genders, decision, self control etc. 

What you need to know:

For your child at this developmental stage, things are either “right” or “wrong” and there are no grey areas. Through play, your child will express his feelings, use creativity and his imagination, and make a sense of the world. This is the beginning to seek independence from family and developing friendships. Social skills start developing quickly, this is a critical time for him to develop his confidence. Help your child in developing his sense of responsibility by assigning him small tasks as setting the table, packing his school bag etc. Make clear rules for him as TV time, play time etc. and make sure he sticks to it. Be ready for frustration and failures of your little one. Encourage your child, your approval and guidance are the key to his self esteem.

Your Child Now Has Some Close Friends & Likes To Play With Them Most Of The Time

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