Your Child Now Has Various Temperament Aspects

Your Child Now Has Various Temperament Aspects

This stage brings about a lot of changes in your child. He is now exposed regularly to the outside world and has to learn new things. This is the time when you as a mother need to understand the kid’s temperament closely.

Your child is going to school and interacting with new people. He might be facing new challenges every day. You have to observe the kid and understand the different aspects of a child’s temperament.

What you need to do

The first step is to keep a check of the kid’s physical activities. If the child is growing lazy or restless then consider it as a problem to be resolved right away.  
The next thing is to check the child’s approach to new people, places, food or routines. Adaptability is another factor. Check your kid’s aptitude for adjusting to new situations. Mood and attention span are other issues which must be kept under the scanner. A child belonging to the age group 4-5 might not express his problems directly. You need to monitor these temperament factors if the kid shows any unusual behaviour.

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