Your Child Now Indulges In Dialogues With You

Your Child Now Indulges In Dialogues With You

At this stage, your kiddo is increasingly and actively participating in a dialogue with you. You may notice that she gets really fascinated by the 'How' and 'Why' of the way things work. She is trying to understand the cause and effect relationships of the world around her.
What you can do
Help your angel by asking more "what if" questions. "What will happen when she stomps in that mud puddle really hard?" "What if an egg fell out of a bird's nest?". If she can imagine it, she wants to know what the result might be.Your cutie pie is likely to come up with some clever — and some wild explanations. And you'll be exercising her brain in the process.
Resist the urge to dismissively reply that something isn't possible. Instead, offer a logical answer that illustrates what could really happen. If you are having an argument with your partner, do your best to keep it under wraps around your child. Your angel has a sharp antennae for discord, and it can result in stress that upsets her sense of safety and security.

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