Your Child Now Likes To Be Part Of A Group

Your Child Now Likes To Be Part Of A Group
6y to 7y
Group Participation

Your child now values friends a lot. With his newly found independence, he wants to be accepted socially in a group. He understands other’s perspective, feelings and thoughts. He will observe his own behaviour and its impact on others and can also modify to resolve conflicts and maintain friendship. If he has a best close friend, it’s an achievement for him.

What you need to know

Please remember your little one still depends on you for security. He may come to you if he is upset with his friend. As he communicates his worry, listen to him and suggest appropriate conflict resolving measures. Help him be a better partner while playing with his friends.

Expose your child to reading books that talk about friends, cooperative play, being kind and humble, good manners, taking turns, etc. as they are all critical features of friendship.

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