Your Child Now Must Learn About Never Giving Up!

Your child is now doing things on his own and has now emerged from your shelter to explore the world. You as a mother have to play the role of a guide so that he can learn positive habits and develop a strong will power. It is essential for him to learn to never give up and understand that failures are only lessons to get better at things.

What you need to know
Teaching your child to never give up is very important as it would push him to become a focused human being. This can be taught through various assignments given to the pre-schooler. You can start off by offering the kid with a difficult puzzle. Be there with your child to motivate him when he loses his patience. Also help him fix a few pieces together that would encourage him further to complete the puzzle.

What you can do 
The other step can be to indirectly make the child learn about hard work and will power. For example- if you are opening a cookie jar then intentionally chant words like ‘’Oh it is not opening! But wait, I can do it!’’. Children are open to receiving suggestions from their surroundings and would surely observe and follow this behaviour.

Your Child Now Must Learn About Never Giving Up!




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