Your Child Now Needs An After-School Game Plan

This stage is an important aspect of your kiddo's emotional development. But it’s also a crucial period for physical development. They are rapidly growing and developing skills that are important for their motor development. Large muscle groups, from head to toe are involved in such a phase. That’s why you need to have a game-plan for your child; a plan that can help them develop even after school. 

What you need to do
Ideally, your plan should to be stay connected with your little one. They may be self-sufficient and peer-oriented, but they still need some time with you. So, organize play dates with them and their friends, develop family rituals for fostering connections with your child. Have Sunday brunches to teach them how to use a knife and fork or make costumes for Halloween.Your Child Now Needs An After-School Game Plan

Never miss their athletic meets or event days, encourage them in games and activities. This will make them confident and ensure proper development.




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