Your Child Now Needs An Essential School Supplies Checklist

Your first grader will be playing, learning and enjoying in class. He will need all the essential school supplies in place before his first day in first grade. Having them well stocked before school starts will eliminate the last minute rush to pick them up.

What you can do
As he now explores new art and craft materials and learns innovative ways to use the familiar ones, buy crayons that are triangular ones which will be easier for his small hands to hold. Markers providing plenty of colour options and washable ones will be ideal for your first grader.

Your Child Now Needs An Essential School Supplies Checklist

You can add coloured pencils for fun rainbow writing, tracing or colouring. A pair of blunt or rounded-tip scissors for safety will be fine for him to cut drawing paper, construction paper etc. A ruler with English and metric measurements, white glue, scotch tape is also part of the art supplies.

What you need to know
Your first grader will be learning ABCs, spelling words and imagining stories for which he will need writing materials. A notebook with wide-ruled pages, traditional No.2 wooden pencils, erasers both stand-alone and eraser caps(that pop onto the top of the pencil), white, construction or lined writing paper for class projects and assignments, small sharpeners and folders(plastic folder) to keep loose sheets like his artwork and classwork will aid in his writing.

In order to store, carry and transport supplies to and from school, he will need a backpack and a plastic pencil box. The backpack should be able to carry the necessary school supplies, a lunch box or bag and a spill proof water bottle. In addition to the above, a tissue pack, hand sanitizer and a small napkin should be in his backpack.




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