Your Child Now Needs Guidance Towards Correct Pronunciation

Your Child Now Needs Guidance Towards Correct Pronunciation
Verbal language

At this stage, your child is constantly conversant with a considerably good vocabulary. They have learnt daily use of sentences and are quite comfortable with it. Now the next step is to correct their pronunciations, since this is an important aspect of their communication skills, and the sooner the start correcting it, the better it will be for them in the long run.

What you need to know

It is a common observation that kids have difficulty in speaking difficult words. They might not be able pronounce some words correctly. They try to find an easy option for hard words. Though it appears cute when your little one fumbles or mispronounces that word, you should not let your kid to do so. You should not leave it to time and let your kid learn incorrect words. Tell them the correct pronunciation and try to use those words yourself during a conversation.

Don’t let your kid repeat same mistakes again and again. If not corrected in time the kids may continue to make pronunciation mistakes when they grow up.