Your Child Now Needs Long Sound Sleeps Than Quick Naps

Your Child Now Needs Long Sound Sleeps Than Quick Naps
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Your child is undergoing a lot of changes at present. With their mind growing and academic life kicking in, their body and brain needs ample rest. This can only be achieved through proper long sound sleeps than mere afternoon quick naps.

Having sound sleep is a sign of a well balanced and disciplined child. And when a child reaches five, it is even more important that he gets a good night’s sleep because during day time he would be busy with his other chores.

What you need to know 
It is always a little tricky for parents to take a call on the child’s sleep patterns. Many of you might find it difficult to put your child to sleep at the right time so that he can wake up in time for school. But, sadly that doesn't happen. Most of you compensate the night sleep with an afternoon nap. But as matter of discipline, by the time your child is five, you must make it a habit to skip the afternoon nap. If a child takes an afternoon nap, he is bound to sleep late in the night and as a result will not wake up early.

What you can do 
Engage your kid in some activities so that he doesn't fall asleep. Ensure that the child has food at least an hour before he sleeps. Don't give him anything to drink before he goes to sleep as it may increase the chances of bed wetting. With these little things in mind the child is sure to have a sound sleep in the night. Good sleep in turn gives the child a fresh start to the day. He is more agile and can concentrate better. Good sleep also indicates good health and a sound mind. So make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep every time he goes to bed.

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