Your Child Now Needs To Expand His Friend Circle

Your Child Now Needs To Expand His Friend Circle
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Now that your child is nearing six years of age, his social repertoire is increasing by leaps and bounds. What generally used to be a few of us is slowly turning out to be many of us. Friends are important and so is having a strong bond of friendship.

What you need to know
We all make friends throughout our life. But, you will agree that childhood friendship always has a special place in our hearts. No matter where we reach in life, friends who have been a part of our lives as kids remain closer to our hearts than anyone else. Encourage your child to make friends. Friendship is one of the best things that can happen to your child. Tell him what it means to have a good friend around and how he can be a great friend.

Benefits of friendships
A good friendship makes a child socially and emotionally stable. The child engages in cooperation and complex activities, which accelerate his growth in a positive way. There is a huge comfort factor and a breeding ground for healthy competition. Having friends also makes a child socially active and mentally strong. So, as a parent you must encourage your child to make as many friends as possible. Friends are special gifts from God, and a good set of friends turn out to be a sheer blessing. Have more friends and make this world a better place to live in.

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